My bus stop has moved again – Damian Light

Have the Public Transport changes from the CRL affected you in any way so far?

A little bit – my bus stop has moved again. First from up on Victoria St West to Albert and now down to Quay St. Other than forgetting its moved the first few days, it hasn’t been much of a hassle. It’s forced me to take a different walking route to work which means exploring parts of the city I hadn’t seen in years, so a silver lining!

I’m excited by the CRL – it gets a lot of bad press for just being a good thing for the rail network but the flow on effects will be felt on the shore. More trains mean less buses in the city which means the buses left will be less congested.

We can debate the cost and timing but the reality is that Auckland needs it and the longer we wait the more expensive it becomes. We should’ve done it decades ago, we can’t afford to make that mistake again.

– Damian Light, United Future