“…I think it’s an important step in growing up” – Damian Light

How common is it to have flatmates at least one time in our lives?

I think most people will go flatting at some stage, either through choice or necessity. I found it a good experience, moving out of home and having to fend for myself. It also taught me how to deal with people who I weren’t my friends but I had to live with them. Generally I think it’s an important step in growing up and something that I’d encourage everyone to do.
However the sad reality of housing prices in Auckland is that renting as a group is the only way some people can afford to rent. Building up a deposit to buy a house is getting harder everyday which is why UnitedFuture is really keen on rent to buy schemes. To anyone who argues that young people aren’t trying hard enough, they need to remember that we no longer have free university like we used to, adding to the burden of those trying to buy a house. UnitedFuture policy is for truly free tertiary education to overcome this and other issues around student debt.
– Damian Light, United Future