[Tom Gerrard] was a good man and liked by many – Damian Light

There seem to be a lot of principals disappearing – are there benefits to school’s looking for leadership?

The principal from my old school (Rosmini College) retired in the past few years, Tom Gerrard had worked there for so long that many of the teachers there were students when he was the principal. He was a good man and liked by many, so it was a shame when he retired. But in many ways I think it’s been good for the school, Tom moving on has allowed a new principal to step in, it’s like a new era for the school. Its true of any leadership, it can be a great loss when they leave but also a good opportunity to reset and refresh.

Teaching is a funny profession – it’s one of the few (like All Blacks coach) where everyone seems to have a strong opinion on how they should do their job. It’s undoubtedly an important role, but in my experience most teachers are extremely good people, who care about their students. They need support and resources, but they also need to be left to do their jobs.

– Damian Light, United Future