Damian Light: What level of multi-culture do you insert into your life?

I’m always keen to learn new things about the various cultures we have in NZ. I’m fortunate at work to be surrounded by a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities so I’m constantly exposed and engaging with new ideas. I always try to be respectful of other cultures, but even more, I try to learn and understand them. People fear what they don’t understand and it’s often the cause of so much grief. I love the diversity we have and we should embrace it and encourage it.

A big feature of multiculturalism for me is food! I love eating at restaurants or cafes that have different heritages. We’re lucky to have such a variety and this wouldn’t be possible without a multicultural mix. Glenfield markets on a Sunday night is a prime example of the incredible mix of cultures we have.

– Damian Light, United Future