Anne-Elise Smithson: Do you see more benefit in making a better, broader public transport system meaning people can train to work from Hamilton or is there more to be seen in urban density / sprawl?

I’d like to see more compact, people-centred, and sustainable cities. To achieve this, we need a transport budget that is less skewed towards expensive, low value motorways, at the neglect of the regions.
The economic benefits of re-developing our rail network are great. Another added benefit of rail is that it’s possible to make our roads safer by taking big, heavy freight trucks off the road, and reducing impact on our roads and subsequent maintenance.
As for Auckland, the City Rail Link would mean massive steps towards becoming the liveable, people-centred city that New Zealanders want. We shouldn’t have to go on woefully about how other places like Paris and Amsterdam have it so right, and how we have it so wrong.
We can be that city.
– Anne-Elise Smithson, Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand