Damian Light: What are your views on the proposed AT North Shore network?

It’s been a long time coming! For years the bus network has been tweaked and adjusted, but it really needed a proper rethink from the ground up which is what AT have done this time.

Overall, I think it’s great – the increase in services during peak and on main routes is a major step forward. Thinking purely selfishly, my trip into town and back from Beach Haven won’t change much except they’re more frequent for longer, including the weekends. More broadly though, it seems to be good decisions all around. The link from Beach Haven to Glenfield is fantastic news! Locals have been asking for that since the Kaipataki Bridge was opened.

There are some downsides – I know some people will need to transfer. Fortunately with the new simple fares being introduced, this won’t cost more (in fact it will be less for almost everyone!).

But it’s important that everyone has their say! Auckland Transport made changes to 20 routes (out of 28) on the southern review so they do listen.

– Damian Light, United Future