Anne-Elise Smithson: Who wins? A disruptive student creating an unhappy, unfocused teacher or the students who want to learn?

I can’t claim to know the specific details of this case, so I’ll keep my response brief. It looks like there is no real winner in this case.

Families absolutely should have the right to challenge schools if they feel they need to, and on the other side of the coin and just as importantly, resources are needed to meet the special needs of children. The issues for students with impairments are numerous.

The Green Bay student’s court decision showed that this young man was not getting sufficient support and that the school was genuinely concerned about the safety of all students. Schools need proper resources to be able to meet the needs of their students.

– Anne-Elise Smithson, Green Party of Aotearoa

The question is based on this story from the NZ Herald: