Damian Light: What is the positive of taking an interest in politics?

Government (at all levels) has a massive impact on our lives. While voting every three years is a critical part of being a member of society, there is more happening between those elections. Candidates and parties promise the earth at election time, but they deliver outside of this period. So it’s really important that people are engaged in the process outside of the election period, to see what is actually happening (not just what’s being promised).

It’s also important to remember that elected members (local and central) are leaders of our community. They need to be heard and also to hear from us throughout their time in office. Issues arise that no one expects and they need to hear what we want. Staying silent until election doesn’t work – a bad decision undone is still a bad decision. Talking and engaging with our elected leaders means that they should be making an informed decision.

– Damian Light, United Future