Damian Light: What activities do you get up to in the colder months of New Zealand?

I love winter! Summer is great and I couldn’t live without it, but winter is great too. I love having the fire at home going to warm the house. It reminds us why we love warm days and we appreciate them so much more when spring comes around.
My activities don’t change much with the seasons, although with the dark mornings and evenings I’ll be heading to the gym instead of going for a walk. I tend to find myself at the movies a bit in winter, might be the release cycle but something feels right about leaving the movies in the dark (rather than the glorious sunshine which always reminds me of the day I’ve wasted inside).
I’ve probably get a bit of gardening done this winter around home and at the new Beach Haven community garden (due for completion towards the end of winter).
– Damian Light, United Future