Damian Light:  The cricket was at the forefront of the nation’s mind last week. Was there any other big news you feel we forgot about?

As disappointing as it was, the Black Caps played well and second place is still a good result.

In politics we saw the result of the by-election in Northland, which would’ve upset a few in the National party. Some argue that the loss by National is a result of years of neglect, although when the last candidate won so convincingly I find this hard to believe.
I suspect it’s more than Winston won the seat – he’s got good name/brand recognition and doesn’t hesitate to promise. While National proved to be just as bad, at least they have a chance of making theirs happen. Winston and NZFirst have made a market out of refusing to work with the government, making delivering promise unlikely.

What will be interesting is how the change in the balance of power impacts the governments more controversial goals, the RMA being the most obvious. Hopefully it forces them to engage other parties which should mean a broader appeal and better result for all. We hope.

– Damian Light, United Future