Damian Light: Gareth Hughes said he’d love to see a generational change in politics. Where would you like to see social change head?

Why not save the world? Not in a single change but small steps, that’s what it takes. Engaged, involved and respected people is what I want to see in politics. That’s a huge shift for a lot of people, on all sides. Politicians need to engage more – have conversations, not just talk at people. People need to be open and honest with what they want, need and wish for and not just in election year. The media needs to present fair and balanced information, not just what will sell advertising space.
This forum (Northcote Politics) is part of this shift, which is why I’m so keen to support it.  It’s the same reason I run for parliament – to be involved and try change the world (a little bit at a time).
– Damian Light, United Future