NORTHCOTE: Why are you proud to live in Northcote?

Damian Light, United Future

Northcote has all the advantages of living in Auckland and New Zealand, plus the benefit of being separate. We’re a short distance from the city or the rest of the Shore.

I love the community in Northcote – there are so many examples of people coming together to enjoy each other’s company or help their neighbours in need. My local community of Beach Haven had a festival last March celebrating the variety of people and cultures. There was no shortage of events, from fun runs to fashion shows, scarecrows in the park to open days at sports clubs.

We have plenty of parks and open areas, protected bush and sandy beaches. And despite being suburbia, there is plenty of wildlife – I’ve never seen or heard so many tuis and we’ve had a few house visits from friendly fantails.

I consider myself very lucky to live in the area!

Anne-Elise Smithson, Green Party

I love Northcote! It’s great to stay here because this is the electorate that I grew up in. I am proud of how the Northcote Shopping Centre flourishes, and it is in my mind, the best place to buy a fish bento box. (I tell all my friends this – the Northcote Asian food court is awesome). I am proud when I drive past Northcote Intermediate School, and remember that here were my favourite two years of my school life, and I can see from the students’ murals what a sense of community the school creates.

We will be taking a break over the holiday period. May you and yours have many happy returns this silly season.

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