NORTHCOTE: Why are you proud to be in Auckland?

Anne-Elise Smithson, Green Party

What makes me proud to live in Auckland? I love showing off my city to people visiting from overseas. There’s quite a lot you can find to do in one day from any point of the compass and most visitors are actually amazed at how cosmopolitan we are! Different cultures gently collide, and we are overall, a warm, welcoming city.

Damian Light, United Future

I’ve grown up in Auckland so I must admit I struggle to imagine living anywhere else!

 The city is home to a massive range of cultures and people, our own piece of world variety. This diverse mix means that we have access to some of the best food and entertainment the world has to offer.

 Despite being a large, sprawling city, we also have great outdoors to enjoy. From the small local parks through to the massive regional parks, we have so much choice. We have fantastic beaches for swimming, surfing and fishing and it’s not far to rural NZ and bush walks. There is no excuse for not getting out there and enjoying our environment.

 And the Auckland weather – who doesn’t want four seasons in one day!

 Yes we have some challenges, especially around transport and housing, but it’s worth the effort. Auckland is worth the effort.

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