NORTHCOTE: What is your opinion on Auckland’s City Rail Link?

Anne-Elise Smithson, Greens

Aucklanders have now over-taken Wellingtonians as the biggest train users.

So rather than condemning Aucklanders to extended years of grid lock, why not re-direct transport spending to start building the City Rail Link now?

You can read more about our stance in the Green Party press release below:

The City Rail Link will allow twice as many trains to run on the network across the city and provide a train every five minute at peak times. It will reduce travel times from West Auckland to the CBD by up to 28 minutes.

The only good thing about growing gridlocks, is that when you’re campaigning in the election, people have a good hour to stare through their car windows at the Green Party placard you’re waving, as they wait for the rush-hour Lake Road standstill to budge a few inches.

Let’s get Auckland into the 21st century. 

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