KAIPATIKI: Where do you go to enjoy your local area?

Grant Gillon, Member

There are so many fabulous places to relax and soak up the virtues of Kaipatiki. Two favourite areas are hard to go past. The first is a sunning at Beach Haven wharf and surrounds. There is nothing so soothing as the lap of the sea. I gaze across to ‘Hobbie” and imagine the old flying boats moored off the wharf as I remember.

The other can’t miss is the wonderful Kauri and natural reserve areas of Chatswood, Kauri Park, Le Roys, Kauri Glen and so on. On a hot day, the coolness of the bush refreshes those lucky enough to escape the bustle of our lives. I am not the only one who finds this refreshing, often I meet someone I know or another local being refreshed by the dampness and mottled light.

And then, unfortunately, it is time for work again…

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