KAIPATIKI: What is the best way or ways to rally support for policy & votes?

Grant Gillon, Member.

Of course this question is just a cunning plan to seek out candidates’ campaign strategies! But the best way to rally support for policy is to develop policies in collaboration with the community, for what the community wants. Of course there has to be a leadership component but policy developed in isolation from the community is sure to fail; dismally. Its important that the community is able to determine its own future, not leave it to a handful of ideologically driven politicians.

There is a fine line between community co-ordination and community control. Unfortunately, over a period of time some politicians seek to impose their will on the community. And especially in cases where community groups rely on that politician’s benevolence for discretionary grants, the community can remain silent.

So, the key for policy support is to collaborate, consult and listen to the community. Assess the pinch points of community concern and need. Then develop strong, viable and sensible policies to address those needs. The collective view of the community is fascinating to watch. Voters often act in unison, with a similar view, reflecting the community’s myriad of interconnected networks. And that is the foundation of democracy.

It’s good to see some light humour commentary – Secretly going to run my own campaign! Haha but thank you Grant for your comments. This is the only response so far from the Kaipatiki Local Board.

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