NORTHCOTE: What is the best way or ways to rally support for policy & votes?

Damian Light, United Future

By getting your message to the people. In my experience it needs to done on a personal level – you can still do it in large groups, but you need to relate the policy or idea on a personal, community level. Talking about policy means little to people unless you can relate to it to how it impacts them. For example, you can’t talk transport policy in Northcote without mentioning Onewa Road.

I think another very important part of engaging community on policy is to discuss, not just dictate. While politicians would love to have all the answers, they fact is they don’t. They have some ideas (some good, others not) but each community faces different challenges. Government welds very blunt instruments for dealing with issues, while communities are often far more precise with their solutions.

In my experience the best part of the campaign is the discussion with people, I’ve put forward my idea and they now put forward theirs. We don’t always agree, but I generally learn something from each conversation. Have we changed policy as a result of these discussions, absolutely

Anne-Elise Smithson, The Green Party of Aotearoa

Here’s my campaign secrets 😉 When policy taps into a movement for a socially, ecologically and financially regenerative transformation, then you’re on the right track. The support will come.

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